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24k Gold Nose Ring / Hammered Hoop Earring, 20 gauge (multiple sizes)

24k Gold Nose Ring / Hammered Hoop Earring, 20 gauge (multiple sizes)

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These solid 24k gold 20g hoops look beautiful in a wide variety of body piercings. Striking, yet exceedingly comfortable to wear, you can easily sleep in them every night. Designed to be so comfortable so you can put them in and forget them for weeks or months at a time. And best of all, they won't catch in your hair!

For all you multi-pierced people out there, this one's for you! Line 'em all up in one ear, or hoop up both ears. You can use one as a nose ring, in your conch piercing or tragus piercing, through your helix piercings, or buy a pair and wear them in your lobes as classy high quality gold hoop earrings. You're limited only by your own creativity - and piercings!

This hoop is 20 gauge and solid 24k yellow gold. Sizing is by internal diameter (ID), which is the standard sizing used in the body jewelry industry. Please be sure to buy the correct size hoop for your unique piercing. In sizes larger than 11mm this is a very delicate hoop. 

Lisa is wearing a 13mm 16g Hammered Hoop in her conch piercing. Sara is wearing a 9mm 20g Hammered Hoop in her helix piercing and a 7mm 20g Hammered Hoop in her third lobe piercing. The product photo shows a 9mm 20g Hammered Hoop.


"These earrings are easy to put in and really cute!" - Caitlin M.

"Perfect! The earrings are just as lovely as the first pair that I ordered a few years ago." - Nikki N.

"Repeat customer. Purchased another 9mm hoop. This one is as lovely as the first pair I bought. Thanks!" - Jennifer J.

"Absolutely love these earrings. I put them in almost two months ago and haven't had to think about them since!" - Tanya G.

"Another absolutely lovely tiny little hoop for one of my trickiest piercings, and it's a perfect fit. Thank you!" - Sara G.